Zadar region

Crystal clear sea, numerous bays and beaches, the largest concentration of marinas and the old town of Zadar are the trump cards of the Zadar region and northern Dalmatia, which attract many sailors from around the world. This area is a popular sailing area due to its specially indented coast, numerous islands (Pašman, Silba, Premuda, Ist, Molat, Iž and Vir) and favorable wind.

Merry Fisher 855
Base: Biograd (Croatia) Length:8.40 m (28 sq.) Cabins:2 Berths:4+2 Built:2015
Merry Fisher 895
Base: Sukošan (Croatia) Length:8.90 m (29 sq.) Cabins:2 Berths:4+2 Built:2020
Base: Biograd (Croatia) Length:11.00 m (36 sq.) Cabins:4 Berths:8+1 Built:2020
Swift Trawler 35
Base: Biograd (Croatia) Length:11.29 m (37 sq.) Cabins:2 Berths:4+2 Built:2020
Base: Biograd (Croatia) Length:11.99 m (39 sq.) Cabins:2 Berths:4+2 Built:2022
Greenline 39
Base: Zadar (Croatia) Length:11.99 m (39 sq.) Cabins:2 Berths:4+2 Built:2019
Base: Zadar (Croatia) Length:12.31 m (40 sq.) Cabins:4 Berths:8+2 Built:2021
Base: Biograd (Croatia) Length:13.45 m (44 sq.) Cabins:3+1 Berths:6+2+1 Built:2021
Last minute
Base: Biograd (Croatia) Length:13.50 m (44 sq.) Cabins:3 Berths:6+1 Built:2009
Lagoon 46
Base: Biograd (Croatia) Length:13.99 m (46 sq.) Cabins:4+2 Berths:8+2+2 Built:2021
Base: Biograd (Croatia) Length:14.27 m (47 sq.) Cabins:4 Berths:8+1 Built:2021
First minute
catamaran  dufour 48
Base: Sukošan (Croatia) Length:14.70 m (48 sq.) Cabins:5+1 Berths:10+2 Built:2019
Base: Biograd (Croatia) Length:14.99 m (49 sq.) Cabins:3+1 Berths:6+2+1 Built:2019
Elan Impression 50.1
Base: Biograd (Croatia) Length:15.18 m (50 sq.) Cabins:5 Berths:10+2 Built:2021
First minute
Base: Biograd (Croatia) Length:15.20 m (50 sq.) Cabins:3 Berths:6 Built:2022
Last minute
 Prestige 520
Base: Biograd (Croatia) Length:16.10 m (53 sq.) Cabins:3+1 Berths:6+1 Built:2020

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