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Split region

The Split region lies in central Dalmatia and, in addition to the famous Makarska Riviera, also comprises some of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic Sea: Vis, Hvar, Pakleni, Korčula and Brač. The city of Split is one of the hottest cities on the Adriatic coast (it has 2700 hours of sunshine a year), which offers plenty of entertainment and a vast gastronomic offer. Sail among the most beautiful islands and discover the most beautiful beaches!

Sealine F430-denmar-yachting.com
Base: Marina Kaštela (Croatia) Length:13.55 m (44 sq.) Cabins:3 Berths:6 Built:2018
 Lagoon 450-yachting.com
Base: Marina Kaštela (Croatia) Length:13.96 m (46 sq.) Cabins:4+2 Berths:8+2+2 Built:2020
Lagoon 46
Base: Marina Kaštela (Croatia) Length:13.99 m (46 sq.) Cabins:3+2 Berths:6+2+2 Built:2022
Hanse 460-denmar-yachting.com
Base: Seget Donji (Croatia) Length:14.60 m (48 sq.) Cabins:4 Berths:8+2 Built:2022
Hanse 460-denmar-yachting.com
Base: Marina Kaštela (Croatia) Length:14.60 m (48 sq.) Cabins:4 Berths:8+1 Built:2022
Dufour 48-denmar-yachting.com
Base: Split (Croatia) Length:14.70 m (48 sq.) Cabins:5+1 Berths:10+2 Built:2019
Prestige 520 Fly-denmar-yachting.com
Base: Split (Croatia) Length:16.10 m (53 sq.) Cabins:3 + 1 skipper Berths:6 + 1 Built:2020
Lagoon 45-denmar-yachting.com
Base: Split (Croatia) Length:16.56 m (54 sq.) Cabins:4+2 crew cabins Berths:8+2 crew Built:2022
First minute
 More 55-denmar-yachting.com
Base: Marina Kaštela (Croatia) Length:16.70 m (55 sq.) Cabins:5+1 Berths:10+1+1 Built:2016
First 53-denmar-yachting.com
Base: Trogir (Croatia) Length:17.16 m (56 sq.) Cabins:3 + 1 Berths:6 + 1 Built:2022
First 53-denmar-yachting.com
Base: Split (Croatia) Length:17.16 m (56 sq.) Cabins:3 + 1 skipper Berths:6 + 1 Built:2020
Dominator 62 S-denmar-yachting.com
Base: Split (Croatia) Length:19.76 m (65 sq.) Cabins:3 Berths:6 Built:2008
Maiora 20S-denmar-yachting.com
Base: Split (Croatia) Length:21.40 m (70 sq.) Cabins:3 Berths:6 Built:2003
 Lagoon seventy 7-denmar-yachting.com
Base: Marina Kaštela (Croatia) Length:23.80 m (78 sq.) Cabins:4 Berths:8 Built:2019
 Ferretti 780 HT-denmar-yachting.com
Base: Split (Croatia) Length:24.05 m (79 sq.) Cabins:4 Berths:8 Built:2020
Gulet Altair
Base: Split (Croatia) Length:24.50 m (80 sq.) Cabins:6 Berths:12 Built:2008

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