Šibenik region

The Šibenik area, with its indented coast, numerous islands (Kaprije, Kakanj, Žirje, Prvič, Zlarin, Tijat, Murter etc.) and the Kornati National Park, is an oasis for sailboats looking for a relaxing or adventurous holiday. The rich cultural and historical heritage and the silence of untouched nature offer countless opportunities for exploration in a small area.

Base: Rogoznica (Croatia) Length:11.00 m (36 sq.) Cabins:4 Berths:8 Built:2018
Base: Šibenik (Croatia) Length:11.00 m (36 sq.) Cabins:4 Berths:8 Built:2020
Bali Catspace
Base: Pirovac (Croatia) Length:12.31 m (40 sq.) Cabins:4 Berths:8+2 Built:2021
Base: Šibenik (Croatia) Length:13.06 m (43 sq.) Cabins:2 Berths:4+2 Built:2022
 Galeon 430 sky-denmar-yachting.com
Base: Šibenik (Croatia) Length:13.25 m (43 sq.) Cabins:3 Berths:6+2 Built:2022
 Swift Trawler 47 Fly-denmar-yachting.com
Base: Šibenik (Croatia) Length:14.74 m (48 sq.) Cabins:3 Berths:6+2 Built:2019
Last minute
 Prestige 500 Fly-denmar-yachting.com
Base: Šibenik (Croatia) Length:15.30 m (50 sq.) Cabins:3+1 skipper Berths:6+1 Built:2016

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